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My name is Katie, and I'm a bengal cat. If you don't know about this breed, you should take a few minutes to find out here.

After coming to live with my mommy, I decided that being adored was something I was good at! So, having exhausted all resources in my apartment complex, I decided to go on-line for all my adoring fans.

My first obstacle was to get my mom out of the house so that I could use her computer. When she went to the grocery store, or some other place (hopefully PetsMart or Petco to buy me TOYS!) I would practice on her keyboard. I found I had a natural talent for typing, being multitalented anyway, even if I do only have four toes!

I've got lots of stories and pictures to share, so please take your time to enjoy them all :) Let's start at the beginning.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Everyone!

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My Beginning
My First Day
The Move
A New Little Brother
Adventures With Mail
Painting Fun
Food and Medicine
To My Soldier Friends
Katie's Criminal Record
About Bengals
Health News
Wild Cats
Cool Links and Awards

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Last Updated - 26 December 2011

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This and all other pages are an assumption of Katie's thoughts and should be regarded as a work of fiction, since no one can say for sure what she is thinking. Even though they are based on facts, they are a ficticious work.